Wide range of easy-to-deploy banners

Choose from a range of banners and creatives to promote Z.com Trade on your website! Our banners are available in a number of sizes and in high-resolution formats from our Affiliate System, and hosted on our own servers with automatically-embedded tracking links to ensure your introductions are tracked accurately.

Simply login to our Affiliate System, choose the creative of your choice, and copy and paste the URL into your promotional space or website - that's all you need to do to start promoting!

Flexible ways to promote

Along with our range of high-quality banners, we also offer alternative methods for you promote Z.com Trade - text versions of promotional messages can be generated from our Affiliate System if you just need something simple to get started quickly.

Our system is also integrated with Facebook and Twitter if you would like to utilise social media in your promotions - simply click on the creative of your choice, and a ready-made editable post can be sent out after you login to your account. All of these methods are tracked in the same way as our banners, giving you the option to diversify your messaging across a wide range of audiences!

Customised links and landing pages

Take your pick of our website pages and landing pages to use with our customised tracking link function. Simply choose the page you would like to use to refer traffic from the creative you have selected, and our Affiliate System will generate the tracking link for you to customise your campaign with.

Trying out different pages as your landing page will enable you to create highly customised campaigns, and improve conversion of the potential clients in your network by directing them to content that is relevant to them.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Our Affiliate System ensures you have access to all of the necessary reporting and stats about how your introduced clients are progressing. Filters enable you to customise reports to find exactly what you need, and get extra insight into how each of your individual campaigns are performing.

You can also view your campaign statistics in charts to track your historical performance, and even look at how the individual creatives you are using to promote Z.com Trade are performing - analysing what your best performing creatives are allow you to improve the efficiency of your campaigns, and test different approaches on various parts of your website, or on other websites you run!

Extra insight on your introductions

Take a look at the "Traders List" in our Affiliate System to see individual statistics on the trading activity of your introduced clients. This allows you to see trading volumes and deposited amounts which are cross-referenced with the individual traders' unique IDs, enabling you to understand your introduced clients' activity status in moments.

Z.com Trade are always here to support you and your introduced clients every step of the way, however if direct assistance is ever requested to you - the Traders List will allow you to assist your introduced clients more effectively with visibility of their trading activities.

Manage your affiliate account with ease

Logging into our Affiliate System brings you to the Account Overview page - where you can view your commission earned for this month and last month, with all of the key performance indicators you need to get the full picture quickly.

You can also run reports to view the commissions you have generated over longer periods of time, and the status of any commission withdrawal requests you have made are all updated in real-time on the Payments tab. Managing your account is simple, allowing you to focus on developing your network and earning commission!