Commission Plans


CPA Plan

Our CPA plan pays a fixed commission for every client introduced and meets our "Qualified Trader Criteria". The commission paid is split into two levels, and increases as the trading volume of introduced client reach a certain level!

CPA Table

Qualified Trader Criteria

The introduced client must complete the Live Account opening process with Trade and fulfill the following trading volume within 60 business days:

First Level

Trade 125 standardised lots to get

Second Level

Trade additional 250 standardised lots to get another

Total $300 commission

Standardised Lot Table

Please click here to download the latest version of our standardised lot table.

CPA Calculation Examples


Qualified Trader Criteria Deadline:

Please be aware that the introduced client must meet the Qualified Trader Criteria detailed above within 60 business days from the point of account opening in order for you to receive a CPA commission payment for that introduced client.

Standardised Lots:

The number of traded lots required to equal one "Standardised Lot" differs for instruments with a smaller trade size (this applies to all instruments).

Conversion Rates:

Please be aware that notional trading volumes are both subject to exchange rate conversion, due to the nature of the underlying products being traded. The currency conversion rates used for these calculations in the Affiliate System are determined by us and monitored on a regular basis, and are subject to change at our discretion.