Commission Plans


Revenue Share Plan

Our Revenue Share Plan is simple and appealing. We apply ONE commission rate to all trading instruments, and commission is paid according to clients' trading volume. You will earn a fixed 40% of the client spread as commission from every trade your referred client makes.

Earn 40% Spread Rebate

Applies To All Trading Instruments


Spot Metals

Stock Indices

Energies & Softs

Spread Table

Please click here to view the latest version of our spread table.

Revenue Share Plan Calculation Examples


Conversion Rates:

Please be aware that the trading volumes and Revenue Share commissions are both subject to fluctutations in the conversion rates, due to the nature of the underlying products being traded. The currency conversion rates used for these calculations in the Affiliate System are determined by us and monitored on a regular basis, and are subject to changes at our sole discretion.

Affiliate System:

Please be aware that our Revenue Share plan is referred to as "Pip Rebate" on our Affiliate System, and the values and percentages expressed above to describe this plan are based on the per standardised lot rebate values that are configured within the Affiliate System.